Save the Puppies has been released!


HandyGames leaked some preview pictures for “Save the Puppies” a few weeks ago and now it was released by the developers of games like “Townsmen“, “Bulldozer Inc” or “Farm Invasion USA“. Let’s take a look at the puzzle game featuring a sausage dog.

It seems like German developers just waited for the Gamescom to release their games as we have just been talking about “Spirits” and now there are news about “Save the puppies”. In this child friendly game you have to free dog babies that have been imprisoned by a dog-catcher. Playing as a dachshund it’s your turn to solve the puzzles in 100 levels to find the puppies and unlock their cages. By eating sausages the dachshund grows larger, what will be needed at some points of the game. To make him short again – use the scissors. Sounds cruel, but “no animals were harmed in the making of this”. 🙂

Here is the trailer:

Save the Puppies” is now available for free.

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