Star Girl Is Now Available For Android


A new be-a-star game is out now and it was developed by the developers from Animoca. They’ve just released “Star Girl” last week and invite all players to try it out. The game has already cracked Google Play’s Top 50 free app charts and has two exciting features. The first one is a unique “Star Chat” with an artificial intelligent conversation system that understands user input and is able to respond in the appropriate context and the second one is an engine that incorporates the music and likenesses of the five members of the #1 US Billboard artist “Blush”.

The players have play as a pop star, model or actress and they will quickly notice that it takes effort and dedication to be a member of the glitterati. They have to work hard to find a celebrity boyfriend, to get VIP treatment in nightclubs and to walk past billboards that bear her image.  Most exciting is that “Star Girl” is featured by the number one girlband “Blush” which are one of the hottest pop groups today. You can download and try this game in many different languages here!

Source: Animoca Newsletter


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