“Tangled” Entangles Google Play!


A new game has arrived in Google Play and it is called “Tangled”, which is developed by the boys and girls of “West Code Studios”. “Tangled” is a pretty decent success on the iOS-market with approximately four million downloads. Now the Android users can enjoy this quite tricky puzzle/brain teaser game.

The game idea behind “Tangled” looks easy at first sight, but gets really hard: You have various constructions of dots, that are tangled through lines with each other. Your task is to entagle them, so no connection line lies upon another. The scope stretches across six worlds with 15 levels each, so this game should enlighten your free time. Beyond that the graphics have a futuristic, puristic and very cool style and the background music with its minimal techno tunes create a wonderful atmosphere. In addition to that you have a “three-star-rating”, so you know how good you play this game.

You can download this unique game here, and for futher information you can look at the homepage here.


Source: West Code Studios


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