The Distribution of Android Versions


Google has updated its Platform Version Database, showing the number of Android devices that have accessed Google Play within a 14-day period ending yesterday. The following pie chart shows this data and gives a good overview about the breakdown of all active Android Versions.

The table below also shows the percental distribution, for those of you, who want to know for sure:

And it’s worth a closer look: If we compare the distribution of the various Ice Cream Sandwich versions (which make 4.9% of all Android devices), with the last month, Android 4.0 did quite a step from 2,9%. However, also Android 2.3.3 is still on the increase as well, up to 64.4% of all Google Players use this Android version over 63.7% last month.

The historical distribution is even more interesting: The following stacked line graph provides a history of the relative number of active Android devices running different versions of the Android platform from November 2011 till May 2012.

Regarding the problem of Android Fragmentation, it’s good to see, that developers can count on a two-thirds-majority using Android 2.3.3. On the other hand, it will be interesting to observe the interplay between Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich. Whatever happens – The Playandroid Magazine will report on it. In the meantime, we recommend this topic related Android Comic to you. 🙂


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