The Zenith of Copy and Paste


Today, the development studio “Ottoware” based in Wörth/Germany has opened its doors with an interesting concept: “No Innovations”

According to insider information, Ottoware intends to plagiarize successful Android Games like Angry Birds, Doodle Jump or Temple Run in order to ride on the same wave of success. Experts think, that this concept is the climax of the tendency, that copycats, freeriders and imitators are flooding the Android World with rip-offs of big brands. Indeed, also the Playandroid Magazine noticed the rise of Android Piracy, copyright infringements and play-alike games. Is this the zenith of copy and paste?

Another question is: Where do we draw the line between homages, cross media references or inspiration and shameless plagiarisms? What’s a case for a lawyer and where could we bend the rules and turn a blind eye to a cloned game? What do you think? What’s Super Daddio compared to Super Mario Bros.? What’s Blitz Jump in comparison with Doodle Jump? And what do you think about Save the Bird, when you got Angry Birds in the back of your mind?

I think it’s difficult to judge developers for falling back on established and popular game ideas, but I really wish for a higher threshold of originality, I want so see more innovations, more creativity, more fantasy. It’s not the biggest advantage of Android, that everybody can rip, copy or steal everyone’s game. The biggest advantage of Android is the freedom in the development and publishing process. There are no contentual limitations, as a principle every developer can develop any game, no matter if it’s about drugs (like Dope War – Crack House), Nazi Unicorns (like Rampage) or even Sex.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t want to encourage Android Devoplers to create games that have an undesirable influence on the moral development of young people. I just want to show you, that there is an incredible freedom and no mental bounds on the one hand and an almost unbearable amount of similar games on the other hand. I’m serious: I’m sick to death of all these soulless, loveless and uninspired poor copies and I totally understand my colleagues, that they can’t review a game like Feed your Dino without hating it for its insolence (Btw, it’s very interesting, that BoxitSoft re-uploaded Feed your Dino to Google Play because of getting such a bad feedback for presenting am impudent Cut The Rope rip off).

To sum up: Dare more uniqueness, just express yourself! Or I’ve got call the holy Android Lord for the first Noachian Flood in the mobile world…


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