Top 5 – Most Expensive Android Games


I set out to find the most expensive Android games for you. Just out of interest. I was… suprised, although that might not be best word to describe it. I expected something totally different and Google play was not the most helpful in all of this. It was still quite interesting to see the way some developers try to make their money. Let’s get started!

5. The 5,49€-games!

Minecraft“, “N.O.V.A” and many more all cash in at 5,49€. Seems reasonable for most of them!

4. The 6,53€-games!

Slightly more expensive but still okay for games like “Mass Effect: Infiltrator” and “Dead Space”!

3. Spectral Souls

“Spectral Souls” with a price tag of 12€! With ratings and reviews being as good as they are, they price doesn’t seem to be too high for this great RPG.

2. Final Fantasy 3

Final Fantasy 3” at 12,99€! Sure enough that is a lot for a mobile game. But with a name as good as that behind it, this classic game is well worth its money!

The Winner: MagiSoft Games!

The dress-up-sexy-games by MagiSoft! I am not even sure where to begin with this. Ranging from 11,43€ all the way up to 19,11€ for their top-title “Sexy Kija Plus” there is a vast array of different simple restaurant management, dress-up, manicure and even some weird-looking action games. There some to be people out there actually buying them so there might be something in them that I don’t know about. And to be honest, I don’t want to know.

So what’s the verdict in all of this? That there is some crazy stuff out there most of us don’t know about. And most importantly the fact that a hefty price-tag does not always mean good quality is waiting for you! You should always try and do some research before spending money on a game. It is the only way to try and make sure you will get something that you’ll actually enjoy.


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