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“BINGO!” Since 1929, people from all over the world are shouting “Bingo” after they‘ve completed a row, column or diagonal. Since more than 10 years, I am also part of the Bingo fan club. It started with a TV show on “NDR”, a regional television channel targeting northern Germany, and I’m sure that it won’t end today, when I am playing Online Bingo on WilliamHill.com.


That’s for sure: William Hill Online Bingo will be my first step into the online world of Bingo. I’ve played it several times by completing my lottery ticket, but as I’m not living in the viewing area of the NDR anymore, I can’t play my beloved TV Bingo here in Karlsruhe, southern Germany. I guess, that’s the perfect time to try something else, to try something new, to try out online Bingo, that you can play 24/7, in every part of Germany, even in every part of the world.

Bingo DepositStarting with William Hill is pretty easy. Simply choose your language (I’ll try “English” instead of “German”, because I’m also writing an English blog post for you), click “Join Now” and register by completing the registration form. After you’ve created your account, you can profit from the new player bonus, which is simply gorgeous: If you spend £10 cash on bingo tickets within the first 7 days after you’ve registered your account, it gets automatically boosted by a £40 Bingo Bonus. On top of that, you’ll also get access to the Arrivals Lounge, where you can play a week of free Bingo. And, dear Playandroid fans, of course you can also even play William Hill Bingo on the run due to its compatibility with Android Smartphones.

After the registration process, the magic is about to begin. To start, click on a game of your choice to start playing. You can always see the details of your current Bingo Game (like the ball call during game play or the jackpots available in the game) and you can even chat with other players using the chat screen. When I think of the cozy and homely TV Bingo Sessions within the family circle, I would say that Bingo is definitely a communicative and sociable game. That’s why I appreciate the possibility to chat and to become friends with other players. Yes, I think that this first step into the online world of Bingo won’t be the last one. My conclusion: If you like Bingo in real life, you’ll also like Bingo online on WilliamHill.com.

So team up and play William Hill Online Bingo right now! Best of luck!


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